What Math Do You Need to Become an Engineer

Christina Sng for Maths@Singapore

Women, Engineering and Math

Engineering is one of the most time-honored careers that many parents hope their child would embark on, but for me, it’s a wonderful profession with an immensely useful skillset that one can apply to anything in life.

Indeed, one of the smartest women I know

is an engineer. She was my flatmate in university and she applied her skills to everything else in life and fixed pretty much every broken appliance in our shared apartment.

That’s the dream. Now, what math do you need to become an engineer?


Most universities require you to have a thorough understanding of algebra at college or high school level, depending on the school. Others may also consider your placement test scores or SAT or ACT scores.

To enter the engineering program at Princeton University, as an example, you need to complete three algebra classes during the four required semesters of mathematics.


You will need to complete at least three semesters of calculus to take higher-level math courses in most universities. You may also need to take advanced calculus and analytic geometry. 

What is analytic geometry? Analytic geometry utilizes the principles of calculus and trigonometry to determine limits, vectors, integrals, mean values and derivatives.


Trig is one of the essential mathematics that engineers need to calculate such data as the height of an existing structure, the measurement of an angle, or the distance between two points, all of which use formulas and logarithms.

Probability and Statistics

Probability and statistics are offered both as a combined course and as two separate courses.

Probability trains you to calculate the odds of an event occurring, while statistics teaches you sampling techniques, estimation, margin of error, and data analysis.

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