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Singapore Math
Singapore Math

Maths@Singapore is first conceived by Stanford alumni who is a parent of two young children.

His child started her primary school education in a US elementary school during his time at Stanford, before returning to attend a Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) primary school.

He observed firsthand the rigor and effectiveness of the Singapore MOE math program in growing his child to be a better and more confident math learner, as compared to her progress in her previous school.


He believes that math is fundamental to the many technologies solving the world’s greatest challenges, and making people’s lives better. He, therefore, believes it is important to help our children understand and gain the confidence to use math. More than just for good grades in school, this is to help them better understand the world around them, and inspire them to be the next generation of scientists and engineers the world needs.


Together with his friend, they founded Maths@Singapore to help American children become better math learners through the combination of the effective Singapore MOE math programs, expert Singaporean teachers, and an effective online classroom learning environment.


Singapore Math
Singapore Math


Why Maths@Singapore?

Our classes will cover the topics taught in US elementary schools for the grade to strengthen and reinforce the foundations of our students, before stretching them with more advanced topics.


Through the above, we will strengthen the math competencies of our students, so that they can effectively master the fundamentals and go beyond the math curriculum in US elementary schools, and grow into confident and high-achieving math learners.


Effective math pedagogies from the world-class Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) primary school math program.


Expert Singapore teachers, all specially trained and certified by the Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE), in teaching the Singapore MOE primary school math program, and with extensive experience in teaching primary school children in Singapore. The NIE is one of the top 10 teacher training and education institutions in the world and is the only institution that trains and develops all Singapore MOE teachers.


Small online class size of no more than five students, so that our teachers can focus on effective teaching and engaging every one of our students.


We believe in offering quality math education at an affordable price. Payment of our tuition fees is on a monthly basis, and we have a satisfaction-guaranteed refund policy. Further discounts on the fees are available for existing students, staff, faculty, and alumni of Stanford University.


Our Teachers

The world-class math achievements of Singapore primary school children are often attributed to the excellence of the Singapore MOE primary school math program. However, just as important as the Singapore MOE math program, is the quality and expertise of the Singaporean teachers who are specially trained to effectively teach the rigorous Singapore MOE math programs to primary school children.

The selection and development of teachers in Singapore are rigorous. The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS), the largest international survey of teachers and school leaders, also finds that Singapore teachers are some of the best trained teachers in the world.

All our teachers here at Maths@Singapore are graduates of Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE), which is part of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University. NIE is Singapore’s national teacher education institute, and the only institution in Singapore, which trains all MOE teachers to be grounded in the theory of education and strong in practice. The NIE is among the top 10 insitutitions in the world in the subject of Education and Training, including the theory and practice of developing teachers.

In teaching your child, Singapore teachers, like our Maths@Singapore teachers, are guided by a set of Pedagogical Practices (PP) in the Singapore Teaching Practice (STP), comprising four fundamental Teaching Processes of Assessment and Feedback, Positive Classroom Culture, Lesson Enactment and Lesson Preparation that lies at the heart of good teaching.


Our teachers are the most important part of Maths@Singapore’s mission to deliver high-quality math tutoring for your child. All our teachers are formally trained and certified by NIE. As part of their NIE education, they have received specialized professional development and training to effectively teach the Singapore MOE primary school math program. This formal training is reinforced by their extensive teaching experience of Singapore primary school children. All our teachers are also registered teachers with the Singapore MOE, and able to teach in Singapore MOE primary schools.


Singapore Math
Singapore Math


What is Singapore MOE Maths?

The Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) primary school math curriculum, at its core, seeks to develop the mathematical problem-solving competency of primary school children in the six Big Ideas of Diagram, Equation, Invariance, Measures, Notations, and Proportionality.

The Singapore MOE views mathematical problem solving as having five key ingredients of Attitudes, Metacognition, Processes, Concepts, and Skills. It is the responsibility of the specially-trained Singapore MOE teachers to impart the understanding of these five key ingredients to the primary school children in Singapore, so as to grow them into confident math learners.


Our Teaching Approach

Developing problem-solving skills requires attention to all five components of the Mathematics Curriculum Framework i.e. Attitudes, Metacognition, Processes, Concepts, and Skills. Even though there are many facts and procedures in mathematics where automaticity and fluency are important, there must be an emphasis on conceptual understanding and problem-solving, where reasoning and strategic thinking are important. This means knowing the why, not just the what and how. A focus on relational understanding benefits all students as it helps students apply facts and procedures more skilfully, improve their problem-solving strategies and it deepens their appreciation of the nature of mathematics.

The Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) primary school math teaching approach seeks to impart in primary school children the understanding of the six big math ideas This requires teachers to teach towards big ideas, where they help students see and make connections among mathematical ideas within a topic, or between topics across levels or strands. An understanding of big ideas can help students develop a deeper and more robust understanding of mathematics and a better appreciation of the discipline.


Based on this understanding of the nature of mathematics, the Singapore MOE has designed its primary school math syllabus to teach six big math ideas that illustrate four themes.















Maths At Singapore
Maths At Singapore


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