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Maths@Singapore offers high quality online math classes for Grade 2 to Grade 6 children, based on the renowned Singapore Ministry of Education math program that have powered Singaporean children to the top of global math benchmark tests and increasingly adopted by many schools in the US. Our expert Singaporean teachers will teach your child in small classes, enabling your child to grow a strong mastery of math for excellence in school and beyond.


Founded by parents and Stanford alumni, Maths@Singapore has been serving a growing number of children and their parents in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We are proud to partner parents in nurturing their children’s math potential and confidence. We are also pleased to be featured in trusted parenting websites such as Seattle Moms Group and San Francisco Bay Area Mom.


Contact us now and we look forward to growing your child to be a stronger and more confident math learner.

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I highly recommend Maths@Singapore. My son is good in calculations, but Maths@Singapore has developed my son’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. The curriculum enhances and gives deeper understanding on math concepts. The teacher is patient too and gives very good explanations”


Ester, Washington


“My daughter has been enjoying her online tutoring with a wonderful teacher. The teacher is knowledgeable and very helpful with outstanding communications with students and parent. Classes are great and very flexible. Management is very responsive and provides excellent service.  Overall, we are very happy to be with Maths@Singapore.”


Julie, California

We deliver high quality online math education through

Proven pedagogies and syllabus of the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) math program. Our program will focus on helping our students master the full range of effective math problem-solving heuristics in the Singapore MOE math program. This will be through the systematic and progressive use of challenging word problems in our teaching materials and classes.
Expert Singapore teachers, all specially trained and certified by Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE), in the teaching of the Singapore MOE primary school math program, and with extensive experience in teaching primary school children in Singapore. The NIE is one of the top 10 teacher training and education institutions in the world, and undertakes the professional training of all Singapore MOE teachers.
Small online class size of no more than five students, so that our teachers can focus on effectively teaching and engaging every one of our students.


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The Joy of Shapes

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What Is Singapore Maths?

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Singapore MOE Mathematics Curriculum

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Numerical, Algebraic, Geomatrical, Statistical, Probabilistic, Analytical


Numerical Calculation, Algebraic Manipulation, Spatial Visualisation, Data Analysis, Measurement


Abstracting, Reasoning, Representing & Communicating, Applying & Modelling


Monitoring & Regulation of one's own thinking & Self-regulation of learning


Beliefs, Interest, Appreciation, Confidence, Perserverance

Problem Solving

Non - routine & Unfamiliar Problems

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