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Our Teachers

Our expert Singaporean math teachers provide personalized online elementary math tutoring to help your child gain mastery of math using the world-renowned children math program from the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE).

Teacher Training and Development

Our online math tutors from Singapore are experienced in the successful and rewarding children math curriculum from the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE). Each Maths@Singapore teacher is a graduate of Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore’s national teacher education institute. The NIE is among the top ten educational training institutions globally, training its graduates in the Singapore MOE Math theory and practice. Additionally, each Maths@Singapore teacher was raised in Singapore and experienced the Singapore MOE Math program firsthand.

Pedagogical Practices

Our Maths@Singapore online elementary math tutors are guided by a set of Pedagogical Practices (PP) in the Singapore Teaching Practice (STP), comprised of four fundamental elements:


  1. Teaching Processes of Assessment and Feedback
  2. Positive Classroom Culture
  3. Lesson Enactment, and
  4. Lesson Preparation
These four critical elements are at the heart of the Singapore MOE Maths program’s success. These core tenets, paired with the program’s proven heuristical problem-solving techniques, make the Singapore MOE Math program uniquely effective. All of our online math tutors from Singapore are well-versed in these tenets, applying them to each lesson.

Superior Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Each of our online elementary math tutors have years of practice in teaching the Singapore MOE Maths program at the elementary level and are experienced in adapting lessons for your child’s individual needs. Our classes maintain a five-to-one student-to-teacher ratio to ensure your child is getting the individualized attention they need. Teachers adjust their lessons based on students’ homework, focusing on trouble areas to help solidify concepts with additional practice.


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