Our Teachers

Our expert Singaporean math teachers, trained and experienced in teaching the Singapore Ministry of Education math program, will help your child gain mastery of math.

Training and Development

The world-class math achievements of Singapore primary school children is often attributed to the excellence of the Singapore MOE primary school math program. However, just as important as the Singapore MOE math program, is the quality and expertise of the Singaporean teachers who are specially trained to effectively teach the rigorous Singapore MOE math programs to primary school children.

The selection and development of teachers in Singapore is rigorous. The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS), the largest international survey of teachers and school leaders, also finds that Singapore teachers are some of the best trained teachers in the world.

All our teachers here at Maths@Singapore are graduates of the Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE), which is part of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University. NIE is Singapore’s national teacher education institute, and the only institution in Singapore, which trains all MOE teachers to be grounded in the theory of education and strong in practice. The NIE is among the top 10 insitutitions in the world in the subject of Education and Training, including the theory and practice of developing teachers.

In teaching your child, Singapore teachers, like our Maths@Singapore teachers, are guided by a set of Pedagogical Practices (PP) in the Singapore Teaching Practice (STP), comprising four fundamental Teaching Processes of Assessment and Feedback, Positive Classroom Culture, Lesson Enactment and Lesson Preparation that lies at the heart of good teaching.

Our Maths@Singapore Teachers

Our teachers are the most important part of Maths@Singapore’s mission to deliver high quality math tutoring for your child. All our teachers are formally trained and certified by NIE. As part of their NIE education, they have received specialized professional development and training to effectively teach the Singapore MOE primary school math program. This formal training is reinforced by their extensive teaching experience of Singapore primary school children.