How to Choose the Right Math Education Center for your Child

Maths At Singapore
Maths At Singapore

When you first choose an education center, it’s normally through a recommendation or its location is convenient for you. If you have neither, then you look for reviews on social media or online.

You would sign up for a trial class if available but if there aren’t any, you would try out for the first month. How do you decide then whether to stay or find another center?

Here are my metrics for staying:

1. My child understands the concepts taught and is competently applying them to questions on the topic.

2. My child comes back from class happy and mentally invigorated.

3. My child likes the teacher.

4. There is supportive and responsive customer service. This has made all the difference when rescheduling or changing classes is necessary or if there is a need to switch teachers due to a mismatch of teaching and learning styles.

5. My child wants to stay in the class. Their opinion makes a difference in whether they pay attention in class or daydream.

The first point is how I determine if my child should remain in this class. If my child does not understand a teacher’s explanation of a math concept to them, it is likely a mismatch in teaching and learning styles.

Liking a teacher motivates a child to pay closer attention and to try harder to digest the teaching provided. I strongly believe that the teacher-student bond is critical for effective learning. Here is when customer service comes in to help find a good teacher-student match.

Trusting your child on where they feel comfortable learning is most important for me because we can only learn where we feel safe. If they’re motivated to learn, those hours you spend on are worth it.

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– Christina Sng for Maths@Singapore

Maths At Singapore

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