Frequently Ask Questions

The Singapore MOE math program focuses on building math competency and confidence. Rather than drilling students on concepts and principles, Singapore MOE helps students build problem-solving skills to apply math to real-world problems.

Concepts are introduced with a Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract (CPA) approach. The CPA approach uses everyday objects students are familiar with, beginning with concrete objects, moving to pictorial representation, and eventually using abstract via numbers.

Read more about the Singapore MOE program features and results here.

Our expert teachers are trained by Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE) and have extensive experience teaching the Singapore MOE math program to elementary school-age children of diverse abilities. Each small online class size pairs one teacher with five students, allowing our teachers to focus on each child to enhance learning. Outside of class, teachers can assist your child via email (please allow 24 to 48 hours for responses due to time zone differences).

All our Singapore-based teachers are fluent in English as English is the official language of government, commerce, and education in Singapore and is extensively used by Singaporeans in everyday life. The EF English Proficiency Index, the world’s most prominent ranking of countries by English skills, ranked Singapore as the 10th out of 100 countries on English proficiency, with proficiency rated as ‘very high proficiency.’
Beyond the hour-and-a-half lessons, we provide homework assignments to reinforce concepts taught in each class.Our classroom lesson materials feature extensive word problems which we guide the students through during lessons, and which the students could practice on after lessons. The practice problems in the classroom materials and homework assignments typically take students two to three hours to revise. Each homework assignment should be submitted two days before the next lesson to help your child’s teacher assess understanding and adjust future lessons as needed. Parents are encouraged to regularly review the lessons and homework with their child to build familiarity and better solidify concepts.

You can view our annual class schedule on our Class Schedule page.

Tuition and fees are paid on a three-month basis with a 10% discount or on a monthly basis.

For new students, tuition fees must be paid within three working days from the date of invoice issued by Maths@Singapore, or before the commencement of the first class by the student, whichever is earlier.

Fee payment for students who enroll after the start of the term will vary based on the payment plan. For those on a three-monthly payment plan, tuition fees will equal the remaining lessons in the term. For those on a monthly payment, tuition fees will include the remaining classes in the month plus all classes in the next month.

Existing students’ tuition fees should be paid within two weeks from the invoice date.

For more details, please see our Terms and Conditions.

New students must pay a minimum tuition charge of two classes in their first month. New students can request to withdraw from the class at any time by giving two weeks’ notice in writing to Maths@Singapore at Tuition fees will be prorated according to the number of classes remaining in the three months or months paid after deducting the tuition charges of two classes.

After their first month, existing students can request to withdraw at any time by giving two weeks’ notice in writing to Maths@Singapore at The tuition fee will be prorated according to the number of classes remaining in the three months or months paid.

Maths@Singapore reserves the right to withdraw any student from the class at any time. No refund will be given for absence. If your child stops attending classes without a 14-day written withdrawal notice, their tuition will continue to be deducted until you notify us.

A student will be withdrawn from class if any outstanding fees are not paid after two weeks from the issuance of the payment invoice.

For more details, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Each student may be offered up to three replacement classes each term, subject to availability.

We are unable to guarantee make-up class availability. If a student cannot attend the originally scheduled class, the student will only be able to participate in a suitable replacement class in the same week as the originally scheduled class, subject to vacancies.

Please email us at at least a week in advance to inform teachers of coming absences and request a replacement class.

For more details, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Our teachers will teach no more than five students per class.