AI Math Tutoring: Replacement or Supplement?

Girl learning online using a laptop.

From compiling quick answers to summarizing strategies and ideas, the growth of AI technology could be seen as a threat or a complement to traditional ways of teaching and learning. We already have artificial intelligence tutors that are good at guiding students to the next level, but is this all simply a passing fad? The emergence of AI could become a real game-changer in the education world and there are a lot of unknowns. Parents and educators can certainly leverage AI tools to help their children learn more effectively if they take the right approach. Here’s what we know:

Instruction Transformed

There are real implications for the future of both math instruction and education in general. It’s very plausible and even likely that artificial intelligence tutors could observe how students solve problems or complete tasks and glean information from the process to help them through math work. 

  • Updates in technology may mean that an AI tutor could automatically present logical next steps to learners based on their learning needs
  • The curriculum could become automated and tailored to student levels 
  • AI tutoring would be on-demand and available 24/7 

It’s a no-brainer that artificial intelligence tutors could completely transform the industry. But is there a downside?

Imperfect Instruction

It’s impossible to predict where AI technology will be five years from now or even one year from now. The technology is still imperfect, capable of misinformation and bad calculations. The other downside goes further than imperfect instruction – it’s impersonal too. 

  • Young children need to be engaged through manipulative and hands-on learning which AI will not provide
  • Although AI can make careful predictions about thoughts and processes, it doesn’t take into account an individual’s learning needs and styles
  • If a student calls in sick, your AI tutor is not marking you absent and does not care to motivate you to come to class

The emergence of artificial intelligence tutors is a novel idea but there are drawbacks and this style of learning may not suit everyone. 

Where Will AI Supplement Education?

Young girl learning online using a computer.

Teachers and tutors can leverage the abilities of AI to enrich instruction and learning in the classroom and virtually. It’s not implausible to picture a teacher providing students guidance in math and education through the additional use of AI. Here are just a few ways AI could be an assistive technology to teachers:

  • AI could help educators design modules of learning for a particular age group or level of learner
  • Artificial intelligence tutors could supplement work for students who are in the range of gifted and talented by creating higher-level math problems that align with the topic of study
  • This could be a transformative tool in self-directed education and homeschooling

An AI tutor would have the ability to provide remedial work when needed or suggest a specific pedagogy to a teacher for enriched learning. The possibilities are endless.

The Future of AI Tutoring is Here

Online learning platforms are already in use across North America in K-12 classrooms. It’s how they are used that matters. The widespread use of artificial intelligence tutors as a tool for education is a logical next step for virtual learning. Parents and educators play an important role in teaching students the pros and cons of using assistive technology to help them master key concepts.

  • Discuss the use of AI technology in the classroom and at home
  • Engage students in learning by giving them opportunities to use AI responsibly at school in a structured environment
  • Speak to your child or student about protecting their privacy and personal data online as they explore these new tools

Artificial intelligence tutors are certainly a fascinating concept and have multiple positive uses in learning. As we explore and enter a new era of education, teach your child how to be responsible and use these tools wisely. 

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