Empower Your Child to Thrive in Mathematics

Our curriculum, based on the renowned Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) math program, provides online math classes for second to sixth-grade students in North America, helping them gain a deeper mastery of math and problem-solving. The math program we use has empowered students across the globe to consistently gain higher scores on math benchmark tests, causing U.S. teachers and schools to take notice. If you want to help your child grow in math and excel in school, reach out to us and enroll your child today!

A Higher-Quality Math Education

More than just educational screen time, our online math classes for kids facilitate experiences for elementary-aged children to gain confidence as mathematicians, problem-solvers, group members, and communicators. Our program uses proven pedagogies and problem-solving heuristics straight from the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) math program to develop world-class curriculums with proven real-world results.

If you’re looking for online math classes for kids, we have accredited math tutors who teach the best curriculum available. Our expert Singaporean teachers are all specially trained and certified by Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE) in the Singapore MOE primary school program and are highly proficient in teaching math classes online. Contact us now and see how we can help your child become a stronger, more confident math learner.

Why Us?

We give your child the space they need to learn and grow in our online math classes. As such, we do not believe in overwhelming your child with a massive amount of homework. Our homework helps your child understand the concepts, and our expert teachers will check that they do without unnecessary pressure.

Our online math classes for kids focus on assisting students in mastering the full range of effective math problem-solving heuristics contained in the Singapore MOE math program. This is done by using word problems in our teaching materials and classes to demonstrate the real-world applications of what they are learning.

Our expert teachers are all specially trained and certified by the National Institute of Education (NIE). They will masterfully guide your child through their math journey with the compassion and attention they need to excel.

Our small class size of no more than five students is something we strictly enforce in our online math classes. Maintaining this class size allows all of our students to have their voices heard and allows the teacher to focus on each student, ensuring no one is left behind.

Singapore-Style Maths for U.S. Students

Accredited Teachers

Our trained teachers hold professional teaching certifications from the National Institute of Education (NIE) or have the necessary qualifications to teach in elementary schools, making them experts in the field.

2 Free Trial Sessions

We’re confident you and your child will love our classes, but we want you to see them for yourself. That’s why we offer two free trial online math classes with our best teachers before you commit to anything.

No Admin Fee

Most online math classes for kids have contracts and admin fees associated with their lessons, but not us! Your child’s learning and mastering math is our top priority—not trying to make money from admin fees. We only charge students for their lessons, so you know you invest directly in your child’s learning.

Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

If, for some reason, our classes are not for you, you are eligible for a full refund—no questions asked. Though we will be sad to see you go, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a no-questions-asked refund of fees for withdrawal, subject to a two weeks notice.

How It Works With Us

With our easy sign-up process and efficient communications, enrolling your child in our online math classes has never been easier.

Contact us

Contact us via our contact form, via WhatsApp at +6588591108, or email us to speak with one of our friendly administrators. We typically respond after 24 hours.

Sign Up for 2 Free Classes

Enroll your child now to receive two free online math classes worth $100!

Schedule Your Tutoring Sessions

Schedule your U.S. learner to begin classes once or twice a week.

What Sets Us Apart

Our dedicated teachers teach your child a rigorous math curriculum based on the math syllabus from the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE). Our online math classes for kids are unlike any you will find in the United States. Due to the expertise and experience of our trained teachers, students are able to learn and master concepts no matter their abilities.

Our Syllabus

U.S. students benefit from our proven curriculum and personalized approach. Our tested methods empower children in the United States to excel in global math standards.

Problem Solving

With our math curriculum, our expert teachers encourage U.S. learners to challenge themselves to solve problems better. Our online math classes focus on developing your child’s ability to master a wide range of math problems by mastering math applications in real-world scenarios.

Our Teachers

Our dedicated teachers can give your child the attention they need to thrive, thanks to classes no larger than five students. With specialized training and extensive experience in teaching, they will help your child reach their full potential. Not only are they qualified, but they are always around to help you or your child with any questions. Our teachers respond to emails from students and parents, so you’ll stay connected with your child’s progress.

Our Program

Our curriculum caters to U.S.-based learners and is based on the math syllabus from the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE).

Focus on core Concepts

Some Skills We Highlight

Focus on core Concepts

See What our Parents Say

Our parents cannot get enough of the care and real results that come from our online math classes. We’re even featured as the online math tutor for kids on trusted parenting websites such as Seattle Moms Group and San Francisco Bay Area Mom. Take a look at some of the experiences of our families below.

“I highly recommend Maths@Singapore. My son is good in calculations, but Maths@Singapore has developed my son’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. The curriculum enhances and gives deeper understanding on math concepts. The teacher is patient too and gives very good explanations”

Ester, Washington

“My daughter has been enjoying her online tutoring with a wonderful teacher. The teacher is knowledgeable and very helpful with outstanding communications with students and parent. Classes are great and very flexible. Management is very responsive and provides excellent service. Overall, we are very happy to be with Maths@Singapore.”

Julie, California


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